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हैल्मेटवाली दीदी : Little act of Goodness on the road – Dwijesh Bhatt

हैल्मेटवाली दीदी : Little act of Goodness on the road - Dwijesh Bhatt

Image Courtesy: Indian Head Injury Foundation, Noida

This happened with me when coming back after a busy day at office.
On that late December evening, there was typical 7 PM traffic rush on the road to home. I was on my bike, with a winter jacket, hand-gloves, laptop bag, earphones, and on top of all, a helmet.
I have never felt comfortable wearing a helmet. My company has strict traffic safety rules, but I used to find my way around those days. That evening also, I did the same.

After riding for some distance, I stopped by the side of the road, took my helmet off, fixed it to its holder below the pillion of my bike and started again.Suddenly, I heard a feminine voice from some distance behind, "भैया! ओ भैया!"

I ignored it. Why would I bother?
Still, the calls of "भैया!" continued from behind me, along with a beeping scooter horn. This went on almost for 1 kilometer.

Approaching traffic roundabout, I slowed down, and the source of the calls of "भैया!", came closer.
She was a middle aged lady, riding a scooter with a little girl of 8-9 years on pillion, probably her daughter. Both of them were wearing helmets. Looking at me with genuine concern in her eyes, the lady politely said, "भैया, हैल्मेट पहन लो ना, प्लीज़ ! आगे बहुत ट्रैफिक है ।"

I couldn't utter a word. She circled the roundabout as I pulled my bike off the road, got down, put my helmet back on and started bike again. As I passed the roundabout, I noticed her on the other side, having stopped her scooter and looking at me.
I couldn't say "Thank you" to her that day, for doing what any of my sisters would have; showing concern, and making me aware of my responsibilities.




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