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About Us

About Us

SmileGifters™ - is a campaign to spread positivity on the social media.

Presence of Negative Bias

We observe so many incidents in our daily lives. But we readily share and discuss the ones which are associated with negative energy and tend to ignore the positive observations. For e.g. on the road which you were walking today, you observed a young man helping & holding hands of an old age guy crossing the road. You observed this act of goodness, you felt good and then.. you forgot ! Whereas, on the same road, if you see a car dashing with another, we generally tend to take a video or a photo on our phone and share it on social media.

There are incidents in our life where positive and negative are of same intensity but we feel the effects of negative one more. You would definitely agree that we feel the grief of losing a 50 rupee note more than the joy of getting one.

As we readily discuss, react to and share more negative incidents, those experiences tend to stay longer with us. It is believed that in negative bias, the ratio of effectiveness stands as 3:1, which means 3 positive thoughts are needed to wipe out 1 negative thought, a positive experience needs to be felt 12 seconds to get recorded in our long term memory whereas it takes only 4 secs for a negative experience to do it.

Opportunity to spread positivity on Social Media

As per smartinsights.com results, there are 3.1 Billion active social media users in the world. And we spend on an average 2 hours daily on social media, more than the time we spend on eating in a day.

As per our survey, 7 out of every 10 people agreed that there is more negativity on social media. And 83% of people agreed they need to change this trend.

Even if we consider equal positive and negative content on social media, we have 3.1 billion man-hours daily to account for. An opportunity to spread smiles, an opportunity to spread goodness on social media.

Observe & Share goodness actively & consciously

From here on, SmileGifters™ team requests you to observe small acts of goodness around you. There are many such goodness acts which you too do, but do not record it in your mind.

And once you observe, please cultivate a habit to share it on social media. If we do not think twice while sharing fake news, rumours and negativity, why do we wait sharing the positive acts of goodness.

Lets Do Good, Share Goodness