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Decoding the Mantra – ‘Be Positive’

Decoding the Mantra – ‘Be Positive’

If there is one phrase which everybody tells each other, in all occasions of distress or agony, it is

“Be Positive”

Positive – The word originated from positivus (Latin) and positif (old French), mostly in 16th Century which meant to describe that is ‘conclusively laid down’ or ‘certain’. As we moved along, in early 20th Century, the word got attached to psychological sense of ‘concentrating on what is constructive and good’

Positive thinking, in modern day, does not mean to ignore one’s unpleasant situations or move away from the difficulties at hand. Being positive simply means, approaching the situation, in a more productive manner, thinking about the positive outcomes and then acting on the means & ways to achieve them.

Being positive is a choice, of course, among the two alternatives. The other one is more attractive, because of a certain bias towards it. (We will write another series of articles on that phrase, as do not wish to use ‘anything other than positive’ here)

Being Positive is a Choice

3 of the ‘good’ effects of being positive in approach to life,

  • Birth to an emotion called as Hope

When others do nothing but to criticize and complain, you focus on the good in people, you look beyond the surface and the labels. You focus on what can be done not on what was and on what is, you create a new reality for yourself and those around you.

  • Boosts Self-Confidence

By beautifying our thoughts, by using kind words when we speak with ourselves and with others, by looking for opportunities instead of obstacles, by looking for the good in ourselves and others and by praising the good traits instead of the bad ones, we help boost our own self-esteem, self-confidence and also the self-confidence of those we interact with.

  • Happiness

You offer yourself and the whole world the gift of happiness. When you yourself get to a place where you can accept yourself completely, where you can be satisfied with who you are and what you have, you will be able to be happy with those around you also. The outside world is nothing more than a projection of our inner world

Next time, you hear someone say, ‘Be Positive’ – you now know what exactly he is trying to suggest and what you would gain by following the practice of being ‘positive’

When was the last time you talked about, discussed about in a group or on social media about an act of goodness?

Do observe goodness around you consciously and do share it to spread happiness and positivity around you.


Team SmileGifters in on a mission to increase positivity on Social Media. We are here to encourage social media users to observe more goodness in their daily lives, consciously and cultivate a habit of sharing goodness posts on social media.

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