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Empathy – Significant for bringing Change in our ambiance

Author – Ashish Muley

Empathy – Significant for bringing Change in our ambience

In today’s world, I would love to confine myself to a room if given a choice to choose between reading a book and holding a mike in front of a 200-people gathering. Ignoring the rants of people on road, the nagging of beggars and shooing off on scooter without paying any heed, has become a daily routine. While traveling in public transport, I prefer to listen music with my earphones on, all the time, rather than talking to stranger beside me.

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These are traits of most of the youth today. And its worrisome. In terms of exposure, today’s generation has access to any information source of the world in their palms. But, within them, the confinement, the suffocation frightens me.

Before you flip a coin, we do check both sides of it. Same way, we need to explore the brighter outcomes for this generation, and the means and ways to approach them.

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Arousing sense of belonging – We do not litter our homes because we treat it, as our own. We put extra efforts, to patch up with our siblings during fights, as we know they are our family. Similarly, we need to develop the sense of belonging towards people, things, places and situations around us. We all are subsets of the superset – Universe.

Throwing of plastic bottles on beach, remnants of plastic being found from cow’s stomach, filthy public toilets, scribbled historical monuments are few of the scenes which we are now acknowledging, and trying to bring a conscious change within us.

I, beginning at my home, have started letting my kid responsibly own things, places and people he encounters. I make him understand the importance of letting things be, as they are and not exploit them for personal gain or comfort.

Art of Sharing – One side I talk of taking ownership, and at the same time, I also talk about sharing it with others. By sense of belonging, I refer to having an approach, just like Mother Nature, giving us plenty of resources without expecting anything in return.

As kids, we did not like to share our toys. But slowly, when we learned about team games, we learned the concepts of teamwork and sharing. Similarly, we need to have same inclusiveness spirit while doing any small act in our life daily, so that we have cleaner beaches, healthy animals, clean public assets and intact historical monuments.

Empathy – the warrior and the peacemaker

If there is one emotion which has the power to change the world for good, it is empathy.

The moment you step into another person’s shoes to feel and understand what he/she is going through, though a stranger, you start having a sense of belonging to that person. And then you share your resources, act with your knowledge and experience to make the person smile and feel happy.

Empathy – that encompasses both a sense of belonging and goodness of sharing, is an emotion which needs to be expressed the most today.

If we show empathy towards people, things, places and situations around us, we will start making the ambience around us happy. And then, as the principle of epidemic catches on. The people who are happy around you, learn to make people around them happy and so on.

I suggest, we not worry directly about the Universe first, but care about the ambience we live in.

I suggest, lets observe the people we interact with daily, and search ways to make them feel happy. I suggest, lets observe the things we use daily, and take care that they function properly. I suggest, we observe the places we travel each day, and be aware of not spoiling them. I suggest, we observe each moment we live and act in small ways to bring a significant change in our society. With Empathy, let’s first change our ambiance.

Author – Ashish Muley, muleyashish4@gmail.com


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March 19, 2019 at 3:24 am

“If there is one emotion which has the power to change the world for good, it is Empathy.”
Too good!!!???

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