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Honesty is next to godliness – Nitin Sharma shares a remarkable goodness incident

 This weekend me and friends went to Jivdani Devi Temple in Virar.

 Nitin Sharma, Mumbai

On the way back, in the evening,  I realised that I did not have my phone. I called my number 2-3 times to no affect. I tried one more time and this gentleman – Moharram Ali Shaikh on the other side picked up the phone and told that I had left the phone in his Auto Rickshaw.

Normally what would you expect next, did happen.

I asked him if he can come to same location where he dropped me, an hour back, near Virar Station. He readily came and gave my phone. I thanked him with my full heart. I also gave him some money as he had travelled all the back for me, in some another rickshaw, as his shift with the earlier one was over. This was all ok until now.

But what he said next shook me to the core. With very kind words and utmost humility, he said that “Ramzan ka time hai saab, esa moka kam hi mil ta hai” (It is the holy month of Ramzan, you don’t get such opportunities to do good easily)

It was then, I realised, that he is yet to break his day long fast of Roza (staying without even having a drop of water through the entire summer day) of the ongoing Holy month of Ramzan. That moment made my day. His honesty won my hearts and brought a beaming smile on my face.

I took a picture of him and shared it with the SmileGifters team.

I thank my SmileGifter – Moharram Ali Shaikh.
Lets all keep doing good, and keep sharing goodness.


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