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How overpowering, comparison has become on Social media?

How overpowering, comparison has become on Social media?

How overpowering comparision has become?

“Never let anyone else to affect your life, Don’t even bother what others will say.”

Golden words of my Grandfather, who was a very calm & quiet personality. He was a self-made man and ignored any kind of help offered, until he really needed. We cousins, as kids, used to visit him, in every summer holiday. 

We used to follow a tradition of reciting multiplication tables from 2 to 20, before dinner.  Whoever came first, without a mistake, won the dessert of his/her choice. I always felt like a loser in competition against my cousins and underestimated myself with this comparison.

One fine day my Dadu called me up and asked me to write an essay on National Symbols. Next day he was supposed to go a school which had invited him as one of the judges for an essay competition. When he came back he asked all of us to gather and to my surprise, directly asked me, “what would you like to have as dessert after dinner today?”

That was a goosebumps moment for me, and he praised me in front of everyone. He had given the essay I wrote to one of his favorite student in the school, who then had won the competition prize money. What raised my pride even more, was when Dadu told us about that favorite student, who was a girl coming from slum area and wanted the prize money to get some important books for her upcoming examination. All the time, Dadu had confidence that if I would write that essay, it will be a winning one.

That day I learnt the biggest lesson of my life. People around you will definitely show excellence in their respective field, but we should know where lies our own strength. We should not compare ourselves or others.

Nowadays on social media platforms, what we are doing? I think COMPARISON. As a result the bars of expectations from oneself are getting raised, after effects are Anxiety, Depression and many more. 
what do you think the solution is ??


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