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#LittleActsOfGoodness Videos


When everybody around you gives up, what makes you stand up for the cause ? It is the power from a ray of hope. Under our series #littleactsofgoodness, we are proud to join hands with 'Ummeed' - An exclusive centre for holistic healing of children with Cerebral Palsy in rural area of Karjan, Gujarat. The video is about a 3 yr old girl Kinjal who came to their doorstep, rejected and left to die by the community. Even all doctor who investigated her gave up all efforts. It was then, that team of doctors at Ummeed took up the challenge and with a homeopathic centred integrated approach, they were able to make her walk and speak normally within 6 months. Watch the video. To know more and contribute towards 'Ummeed' - please call Dr. Hema Parekh - 9825944977

Chained Musafirs is a campaign started by Biker activist Dipti K along with Upasana NGO where they gather volunteers for a bike ride through the rural parts of the country, pick up a social cause to work for during the tour. The causes selected are those that provide sustainability to the rural population. Dipti has been on this campaign spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene and has covered Maharashtra, Kerala, Telangana and Tamil Nadu states. Want to join her ? Call her on 7045127770

This video, we feature a social services organization named Team 'SAHAY', based at Vadodara. They are a social media group of professionals, who since 2017, are working to collect old clothes, study books and distribute them to needy and poor people. An Initiative run along with Jay Ho Seva Trust called 'Ram Roti Seva' focusses on providing nutritious food to homeless people who do not have any one to care about. Along with food, they also try and support them to get reasonable jobs in nearby areas. Join them in many more of their initiatives. Visit their Facebook page named Team 'SAHAY' Vadodara. You can also contact Team 'SAHAY' on +919662023148

Part 14 of our series, we cover a dynamic, rising, youth powered, Volunteer based NGO named UPAY (UnderPriveleged’s Advancement by Youth) They began their journey in 2011 with 2 like minded people and 15 underprivileged students, with a vision to overcome disparities in education field. ‘FootPathshaala’ is one of their initiatives started in 2014. Watch the video.
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#littleactsofgoodness part 13 ; #DonateYourSunday is an initiative of Yuva Ekta Samiti (YES), a youth social services organisation based in Anand, Gujarat. Under this program they target to reduce the drop-out rate in schools of rural areas. They encourage youth of nearby colleges and offices to devote 1 full day (Sunday) in spending me time with children, teaching them and convincing their parents to send them back to school. On 20th January, 2019, YES group with help of 40 teams, each of 8 volunteers reached out to more than 400 children and their parents. Slowly YES group is expanding its work to Nadiad, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Surat also. Follow them on social media and join them in their work. Contact YES group on +918866804951 for more info.Share your #littleactsofgoodness on @smilegifters on Instagram & Facebook

#littleactsofgoodness 12 - "Using Social Media for social welfare" Bhopal Food Lovers (BFL) and Sharad Welfare Society (SWS) collaborated on 13th Jan 2019 to bring smiles to 500 people by distributing food packets in Maidamil slum area in Bhopal. Under their mission FUEL (food unites each life), BFL intends to feed 10000 people in the year 2019. Indeed an act of goodness worth sharing.! Have a look ??

#littleactsofgoodness 11; Unsaid Human-Animal Bond, relation beyond words and has healing powers too !
Mr. & Mrs. Pandit had returned home after many months. It was locked all the time. Apart from all the dust, a stray dog family had settled there. Seeing the Pandits, dog started barking out loud, filled with fear and anger. To calm them down, the couple fed them with milk and food. Instantly, The hate got converted to love and they earned loyalty from the animals.

#littleactsofgoodness 10 ; “Honesty is the best policy”- Hasmukh found a phone on a highway and returned it safely to its owner. He gifted someone a smile and became an inspiration to spread goodness. He is one of #smilegifters

#LittleActsOfGoodness 9; “Safeguarding our future” featuring Voluntary Nature Conservancy (VNC), an NGO based in Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India , actively involved since 30 years in carrying out Nature Conservation activities across the Globe and spreading awareness regarding the challenges we face to sustain life on earth.

#littleactsofgoodness 8 ; "Brightening the future", helping youth in possible ways to gain education & jobs.There are so many people around us who are unaware or do not have access to critical subjects of development like education , healthcare etc.. as we are more fortunate ones, it is our opportunity to help them, specially the underprivileged youth to BRIGHTEN THE FUTURE ! Sharing one such incident ft. Sachin Kulkarni, a banker by profession.

#littleactsofgoodness 7 ; Work is worship, however work done with honesty and a smile on face is the highest form of worship.Kirti found one of the #smilegifters at a government office who does work with smile and care !

#littleactsofgoodness 6; Saluting the real superheroes on Fathers Day ! Novy Nest Preschool and Day Care, Noida were the #smilegifters this fathers day! A big thanks to them for bringing smile and joy to over 200+ people while celebrating the spirit of Fatherhood.

#littleactsofgoodness 5 ; "Going that extra mile, only to spread smiles" Spending a precious weekend for social work by including family to be a part of it is a cool, nobel and pathbreaking idea adopted by one of #smilegifters Gaurav Kapshe.

#littleactsofgoodness 4 ; GNGN Group, Bengaluru; Plantation Iniative, Small Steps Big Impact. GNGN Group, a residents initiative of #plantation in namma Bengaluru is inspiring story to know and follow ! We proudly present them in 4th part of the series #littleactsofgoodness.

#littleactsofgoodness 3 ; Helping others helps feel happy. Prathmesh Chourey and Vishal Yadav our #smilegifters of this video! Watch the video & keep spreading #goodness around!

#littleactsofgoodness 2 ; Sharing smile with a stranger. How smiling at strangers can change your mood, lift the spirits and make your day happy. Pranav Sitoke shares his moment of goodness!

#littleactsofgoodness 1 - Helped housemaid reach home safely during thunderstorms. Act of Goodness done and reported by Kalyani Muley.