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Little Act of Goodness while in train – Happened with Us – Nisha Jasani Mehta

Little Act of Goodness while in train – Happened with Us – Nisha Jasani Mehta

We (me and my husband) were travelling from Jaisalmer to Jaipur in the chilling month of Jan’2019. We reached quite early to our boarding station. To our surprise, we found that we had been allotted seats in different bogies. Since we had luggage, we wanted to be together. We could not find any replacement in my compartment. So my husband rushed away to his compartment to find the much needed help we required. As he entered the bogie, he found a girl (in her early twenties) just getting her bed ready to sleep as it was late evening. Considering the scene, my husband quickly gauged that she might agree to shift. My husband asked politely whether she would like to shift in the next bogie to where my wife is allotted her seat. At first, she was a bit reluctant since she wanted upper berth only. Since I was also allotted upper berth, my husband could easily assure her upper berth. She readily joined my husband towards my bogie which really amazed my husband since this was his first success after a lot many futile attempts.

They both came to me and I looked at them with a sigh of relief since my husband found someone who can exchange the berth with us. Finally, after thanking her, we made her have the upper berth as promised and since it was already past 12:00 AM, we started counting our steps towards my husbands bogie where the girl was allotted her berth.

But this act of goodness didn’t end here. We were walking to the other bogie. Suddenly, a sweet voice came from behind which i quickly recognized. She quickly handed over my purse which i forgot on my original berth in hurry. I thanked her again for her kind gesture and we bid each other good night.

Since it was midnight, we arranged ourselves and slept quickly. Next day morning, we realized that this act of goodness must appear on our website: www.smilegifters.com




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