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Phobia of Sharing Goodness on Social Media

Phobia of Sharing Goodness on Social Media

Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful

– William Shakespeare

Dictionary meaning of the above quote is – A person of good moral character and behavior is very strong and confident. And such person never gets frightened or never get fear of something bad that might happen in future.

Last week, I read a post on social media about a complaint posted by a friend, an active social media user. It was against a telecommunication company, not charging the services correctly to him. I met him later in the week and understood the trouble he had communicating with the customer service team and the escalations also not being handled properly. So, he could successfully justify his social media post to me.

Two days back, I had given my car for service to the company service workshop and the customer care team promptly had informed me 1 day delay it would take to service it. I was fine with it and agreed. Due to extra work at office next day, I was running late in the evening. So, I called up the same customer care guy at the workshop and requested that I will be an hour late and shall come by 7 pm to pick the car. He understood my concern and agreed to stay up late for me and managed to keep the billing department and service guy to also wait.

Due to heavy traffic, I reached at 8 pm. The entrance to office, wore dark and barren look, which got me worried. Just as I was picking up my phone to call him, the customer care guy came up to me with a smile on his face and welcomed me. He then attended to my queries, without any fuss and handed over the car keys to me. Proactively, he had got the billing done and had got the car parked out of the garage. I was very happy and even gave him good rating on the feedback form he gave me.

I did not post this act of goodness on social media till date, did not tag the excellent service provider customer care guy. (except now, through this article :p ) What stopped me from sharing this act of goodness on social media?

What urged my friend to share his complaint on social media?

We call this self-proclaimed, non-existential fear of sharing goodness as Negative Bias! More of it in coming articles.

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Team SmileGifters in on a mission to increase positivity on Social Media. We are here to encourage social media users to observe more goodness in their daily lives, consciously and cultivate a habit of sharing goodness posts on social media.

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