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Social Media’s #10yearschallenge! What it was and what it is today.

Social Media’s #10yearschallenge! What it was and what it is today.

As time passes, we humans are guilty of exploiting anything and everything that comes to existence in this world.

With evolution of vehicles, there is a problem of pollution. With industrialization, we have problem of emitting gases and waste disposal. With growing population, we have problem of poverty and unemployment.

Similarly, with rising negativity on social media, we are now driven by the existence of unrestrained trolling, unwanted negative attention and prejudiced opinions. But the situation was not so, a decade ago.

Back then, we weren’t mindful of posting status updates on Facebook when it wanted to know, “What’s going on your mind?”. We were happy to share actual thoughts without the fear of getting judged and possible backlash from community. We used to comment freely on anybody’s status update, have lively conversations and even write messages to each other publicly. If you want to see, what exactly we are referring to, check out Memories on your profile dating back to 7 to 9 years back.

Evolution of Facebook Logo

#10yearschallenge – what has changed?

  1. Today, we are 3.1 Billion people actively using social media for average of 2 hours daily. i.e 6.2 Billion man-hours daily!
  2. Today’s social media has become a marketplace of advertisements and a medium to influence a person’s decisions.
  3. Today, we are afraid of expressing ourselves as we are on Social Media, for the fear of getting judged and trolled.
  4. Today, we strive to project a special image, a fantasy image of ours on Social Media.
  5. Though living in democratic countries, today we are constraining ourselves on expressing our opinions on crucial topics of societal development. (please don’t read it as Politics only)

But according to us, the highlight change or effect in this decade which has been brought by Social Media is,

We are becoming less observant to goodness in our daily lives & even more inactive in sharing goodness on social media.

A strong affinity towards reacting to negative posts and a willingness to get viral and famous by sharing negativity has affected our vision to see life as good as it can be, in the real world

Today, if you see a goodness act, we do not talk or share about it as easily as we do about a negative news which reaches us.

We, at SmileGifters, are initiating a conscious effort to reach out to Social media user community, encouraging them to observe goodness acts, as little as it may be, in their daily lives and share it on social media. If you come across any goodness act, please post it on front page ‘Submit Post’ section of www.smilegifters.com


Team SmileGifters in on a mission to increase positivity on Social Media. We are here to encourage social media users to observe more goodness in their daily lives, consciously and cultivate a habit of sharing goodness posts on social media.

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