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Spreading smiles across 1070 students in 1 day – Earth Mega Mall initiative by VNC India.

Spreading smiles across 1070 students in 1 day – Earth Mega Mall initiative by VNC India.

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

– Mother Teresa

Giving anything for free, in charity, does not reap its value in the person who receives that thing. And, somewhere the smile on the face of the person who received charity, lacks content, lacks satisfaction.

Integrating concept of Reuse from the 3 ‘R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of Waste Hierarchy in gifting smiles to the needy children, Voluntary Nature Conservancy (VNC) came up with this idea of Earth Mega Mall event which is now held every year.

  • VNC actively calls out and reaches out to residents of Anand and Vallabh Vidyanagar towns to collect all items like clothes, equipment, toys, books etc. which are lying as waste in houses but if used again by giving it to somebody, the life of those things can be revived.
  • Once these items are collected, they are checked for feasibility of re-use and then classified as per their built and usage.
  • These items are then arranged, like in a showroom of a mall and made ready for the exhibition day. They call it Earth Mega Mall.
  • On that day, lot of students from underprivileged backgrounds and remote schools are welcomed at this Earth Mega Mall to give them an experience of a lifetime.
  • Instead of simply gifting them these items for free, each kid is given currency notes in form of Smilepoints. Each child is given 1500 smile points currency. All the items are displayed in the mall with a price tag of Smilepoints curreny. Now, all the kids roam about the mall, selecting what they want to have and learn the importance of shopping as per needs.
  • Children return homes, smiling and content of having an experience, never had before and buying lot of items for themselves through Smilepoints currency.

In 2018, this event was held on 28th November. In the preparation to this year’s event, 17490 reusable items were collected. And on the day of event, more than 1000 students from nearby Charotar region took part and went home with smiles.

Kudos to the efforts for entire VNC team consisting of its volunteers from nearby colleges, who actively participated in collecting these items, differentiating them, arranging them and then executing the Earth Mega Mall day event. Well done, you are true #SmileGifters! Voluntary Nature Conservancy (VNC) is a NGO actively involved in activities related to spreading awareness about and protecting our environment.

VNC celebrated its 30 years, in 2018, by carrying out lot of activities and events. You can reach out to VNC on www.vncindia.org or call them on +919898142170.


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Vidya Muley
February 13, 2019 at 1:05 pm

That’s a very good idea of course reusing the things

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