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‘Vote INDIA Vote’ – An innovative citizen appeal initiative in Vadodara by Vijay Andharikar – Story reported by Rajesh Mistry

General Elections, 2019

The 2019 General Elections in India are underway, and all types of media be it radio, print, TV are encouraging the citizens to participate and vote.

Among us, are some active and responsible citizens who are doing this work in whatever small way possible in their daily lives. One of them is Mr. Vijay Andharikar who has taken the baton upon himself to spread the awareness about the importance of voting. 

He can been seen ferrying around, from home to office and back, on his bike wearing this placard, promoting the participation in this year’s elections. Hats off sir, to your spirit!

Mr. Vijay Andharikar works in Associated Power Structures, Makarpura GIDC. His colleague Mr. Rajesh Mistry reported this story to us on our ‘Submit Goodness Stories’ feature on our website. We are pleased to present both of them their Goodness Silver Badges.

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