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YES – Yuva Ekta Samiti

YES – Yuva Ekta Samiti

True teachers are those who helps us think for ourselves. – Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Last Sunday, SmileGifters team met a unique kind of enthusiast and a true teacher, who actually wants their students to think for themselves and decide their own future.
Anand is a developing town of Gujarat, where this small organisation, Yuva Ekta Samiti (YES) has come up with an idea to educate and literate underprivileged children from slum areas around.
They have started program with a simple motto for volunteers willing to contribute – “Donate Your Sunday”. Presently, they are targeting one slum after other, identifying the school drop out kids and making them study for 3 hours on Sunday with youth volunteers. After study hours, Volunteers hold discussions with kids’ parents, understand their circumstances and encourage them to send them back to school.
They are concentrating on five “Sa” for the development of kids,
  1. संस्कार (Culture)
  2. शिक्षण (Education)
  3. संस्कृति (Tradition)
  4. स्वास्थ्य (Health)
  5. स्वावलम्बन (Self-dependence)
Its been two successful consecutive years of this initiative and now they have two proper established Gurukuls in Anand District, Gujarat.
One can actually observe the difference.
While we were in conversation with Mr. Mayur Suthar, head coordinator, he said that initially, kids use to hesitate and parents too had some trust issues. But now, with persistent efforts by their teams, kids themselves are showing interest to come and sit with them for Sunday lessons.
“If you can dream it, You can do it. “
Once you have a strong will to achieve something, and a hint of true feelings attached to the cause, definitely the biggest of dreams can be acheived.
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